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Mobile Apps-Android

Apps are one of the best ways to boost engagement with your target audience, build strong brand loyalty, and ultimate cultivate a dedicated base of recurring customers/clients.
  • Android component, layout design & event handling
  • Layout manager and styles
  • Understanding intents
  • Menus
  • Broadcast Receiver & Notification
  • Preference Management
  • SQLite DB
  • Content Provider
  • Geo coding and location tracking

Mobile Apps-IOS

  • Introduction- Iphone SDK, Xcode, Interface builder, Objective C, Objective C fundamental, Objects and classes
  • Object C protocol, Properties, categories, selector, exception handling
  • Objective C memory management- ARC introduction, design patterns, and introduction to developing applications
  • Navigation bar controller, table view controller, customizing cells in table view, TAB bar controller, Split view controller
  • Programmatic user interface creation
  • Introduction to list concept and Core data, Map Kit framework, dealing with XML and RSS, Integrating and stimulating location services
  • Address book usage, Web Service usage, introduction to notification service
  • Using and Managing Procedures